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Emma Ruefli, Managing Director, Fileroom

Start using AI and Deep Learning for your marketing strategy


Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning As a Service

The future of AI is here. Start integrating it into your business today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the most disruptive technology of the new millennium. With accessibility to advanced AI and deep learning technologies increasing, businesses who become early implementors will find themselves positioned ahead of the competition, as demand for AI insights increase.

The best bit? Implementing deep learning within your business is a whole lot easier than you may think. Just as the personal computer helped revolutionise daily business operations in the past, so too AI will revolutionise daily business operations in the future.

Equipping you with a suite of benefits including the ability to predict problems before they happen, personalising customer service, and keeping you ahead of the curve, fileroom’s deep learning as a service will help bump your business into the modern era.

What we Offer:


The opportunities are endless

From suggesting your next show on Netflix, to creating a new playlist radio on Spotify, to ordering a Domino’s pizza with Alexa, deep learning already has far reaching applications in our everyday lives. With 76% of executives identifying the need for AI implementation, within reengineered systems, there’s never been a more opportune time to consider the role deep learning and AI augmentation could play in your business’s future. Built to process and create meaning from massive datasets, deep learning is a subset of machine learning which seeks to self-educate itself based on experience and data to improve accuracy. At fileroom, we offer deep learning as a service to help businesses understand the implications of deep learning in the future as well as the potential applications for deep learning within their business. From customer service, to inventory optimisation, deep learning promises massive benefits to businesses in all industries.


The benefits of deep learning

The inherent opportunity with deep learning for businesses is in its ability to comprehend large amounts of data and draw valuable customer behavioural insights from them, automatically optimising your sales and service processes along the way.

Deep learning works by creating brain-like ‘neural networks’ which learn from datasets (inputted or packaged) to reveal relationships between the data.

They learn through pattern recognition of data sources including text, sounds and pictures. At fileroom, we’ve built our deep learning as a service upon three core values: speed, scalability and flexibility.

With rapid and virtual deployment options available, deep learning is ready to help you achieve your future growth goals.


Keeping pace with customer expectations

Modern businesses require modern solutions. As customers become more aware of choosing companies with a “customer-first culture”, businesses will need to start focusing more on tailoring the customer experience and improving their channels of communication.

By equipping your business with deep learning technologies, you’ll have the capabilities to create memorable brand interaction experiences for your customers, while improving troubleshooting effectiveness. Looking for a truly hands-free marketing solution? Why not pair our deep learning as a service offering with our full pipeline content creation services


Consolidating and optimising your marketing efforts

From help-bots on your website, to chat-bots in your social media marketing campaigns, deep learning has huge possibilities in customer communication applications.

Through the aggregation and comprehension of customer data, our deep learning as a service will improve your omnichannel marketing and communications efforts by consolidating customer profiles and providing more informed insights as to what your customers like and which marketing efforts are providing the best ROI.

What Our Clients Say

Excellent Service and Content

I have engaged file room on several occasions to assist with tenders. The response time is fantastic and the advice and content creations has been great. Cannot recommend Emma and the team highly enough.

Tricia Corry-Thomas,

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas

Service we've been searching for!

It has been a pleasure dealing with Fileroom. They understood the project, delivered results and exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased to be working with the Fileroom Team.

Tara Halliday,

Voltaic Auto Electrical

Outstanding service

I have been using Emma's services for the last few months. She has done a few tenders for me and a company portfolio. Her work has always been to highest of the standard. Her eye for detailed has been outstanding. She has always gone over and beyond expectations without fuss. I highly recommend Emma and her team, I don't know what I would of done without them the last few months.

Marie Allen

Klean N Fresh

We received exactly what we asked for…

We received exactly what we asked for set out in an attractive and professional manner.

Global Automotive Distributors


Super Fast with a
WOW Factor!

Fileroom have been great to deal with, super fast turnaround times, spot on with what they deliver and that extra WOW factor! The team at fileroom deliver more than we ask - great to have them as part of our Team!

Paul Roach,

Delta Business & Executive Coaching

Great Customer Service

We regularly work with fileroom and each time the service is excellent. The staff really listen to what we need and they also offer cost-effective solutions. Very happy to recommend them.

Sandy Gray,

Mason Gray Insurance and Risk

Highly recommended!

In my role as Marketing Manager of Schlam, I've been working with File Room for about a year now. They're a pleasure to work with and they really know their stuff. In a world where everyone with a Facebook account claims to be a digital marketing expert, File Room really delivers. They've raised our SEO rank from zero to in front of our competitors in just six months and helped us reshape our entire digital marketing strategy. Their customer service and knowledge of the HubSpot marketing platform is second to none. 

Jonathon Bradford,


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