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Growth Marketing

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Our Story

Our journey into strategy, corporate communications and all things business and creative, began more than 25 years ago when we entered the workforce as young business people.

Over the years, we have worked hands-on to build a few thriving companies of our own in Training, Construction and Financial Services. Since then we have been providing strategic consulting services to companies across a spectrum of industries.

We discovered a theme that runs across most businesses regardless of size. They are continuously faced with the need to produce outstanding communication documents, yet they lack experience or resources to meet their requirements.

However, it wasn’t until one of our previous clients needed a high-quality, yet edgy capital raising pitch-deck, in a short amount of time, that fileroom was born. They tried to do it themselves, but really needed a team who could understand its purpose and audience to make it look great.

We started to think about our love for helping people achieve consistent, quality business communications and collateral. We have a talent for ensuring each piece delivers its purpose for our clients – whether that is strategic or operational. We also love technology as it is a perfect enabler.

So, we shaped fileroom, with the desire to bring our team and services directly to the desktop or mobile. We want to make it simple, safe and secure for professional people to develop or upload their content for us to turn around quickly.

A simple, quick way of working has magnificent benefits

In today’s business world time is money. While many people take pride in doing creative work themselves, many people need to get it done quickly. They would rather not spend their time working outside their skill set when deadlines are looming. They prefer to work wisely and we believe fileroom is the perfect partner.

The sky is the limit

Our experience is genuinely extensive. We can work on a wide range of documents and communications meant for any purpose. We also have experience working in strict regulatory environments, and we understand governance, regulation and compliance requirements.

Our vision

Our vision is beautifully branded documents and communications every time. We want to enable our clients to quickly and easily accomplish striking, strategic communications. Then being known for our talents, our wish is for the world to shout “Let’s fileroom it”.

Our mission

Our mission is to engage with our clients through technology to save time and money. We aspire to become the leading online service platform for reliable, fast, secure, quality creative communications, including graphic design, document design, promotional videos, content writing, proofreading, editing and document formatting services. All through an easy to use, intuitive, upload your content, and click go, technology environment.

Our values drive our success

They are what define who we are and support us in our mission to build credible, strong relationships with our stakeholders.


Engaging Leadership

We believe great leaders engage their followers and harness their energy to perform to their highest ability.


Passion & Creativity

We do what we love. Passionate about the results we strive to achieve in every engagement.


Service & Ingenuity

Great Service is what gives us purpose, building confidence and pride in all we do.


Considerate Relationships

People are integral to our success. We respect their individuality and value their experience.


Transparency & Consistency

We are open and transparent in our dealings with clients, co-workers, partners and other key stakeholders.


Life & Wellness

We value life. There is nothing more important than a balanced, happy life.

Leading Our Vision

Everyone in the fileroom team shares our vision and values. Actions always speak louder than words.



Managing Director & Principal Consultant

As founder of fileroom, Emma has over 25 years experience in corporate governance, business strategy, organisational development, marketing, and industrial product development for start-ups, private and government organisations.

Specialisation & Experience

Digital transformation, strategic planning, market research, CRM solutions, and communications in the professional services, mining services, construction, contracting, education, and health sectors.


Director Sales Engineering

With more than 25 years experience in business development, sales engineering and stakeholder management in large scale civil and remedial construction, Ivan works with fileroom clients to boost sales, improve and maximise returns.

Specialisation & Experience

Strategic planning, market research, sales engineering and business development in the construction, contracting, mining, resources, property and financial services sectors.



Operations Team Leader

For over 20 years, Lena has worked in business, marketing and operational roles in ecommerce, consulting, facilities management and banking.

Lena is highly focused on ensuring our team delivers a flawless experience to fileroom's clients.

Specialisation & Experience

Product development, operations management and business intelligence in banking, financial and professional services sectors.


Digital Marketing Team Leader

Silvia is fileroom's branding, marketing and data-driven
digital strategy specialist.
She has more than 12 years experience in sales and marketing automation and is responsible for integrating our teams to deliver client objectives, plans and budgets.

Specialisation & Experience

Deep analytics and marketing automation in the financial services, advertising, education and industrial sectors.


Our Delivery Teams

Our delivery team is made up of developers, designers, writers, editors, animators, video professionals, motion graphic artists and document experts who work directly for us. They deliver strategic and creative expertise, allowing our clients to focus their own teams, or themselves, on what matters most - achieving their objectives.

Our Companies and Partnerships

Our Group operates in the strategy, management and creative design spaces. Our companies are privately owned and have different focuses. The great thing is we have all the tools and experience needed to achieve great outcomes for you.


Delivers content creation and digital strategy services through creative, talented and passionate people to grow your business and future proof your sales revenue.


Delivers strategic business, operational, marketing and market research projects for clients through dedicated and clever people.


The fileroom team are Inbound Marketing experts and fileroom is a HubSpot certified partner. We work with you to deliver AI and data-driven content marketing and demand generation strategies for revenue growth.